Some quilting sewing machine and its types and benefits

Introduction to sewing: In simple word, what is mean by sewing? It is nothing but using stitches attaching objects made with a needle and thread. This is an oldest textile art and the thread is made up by animal body. Nowadays, the art is increased because of development of sewing machine. In some schools, sewing […]

The common materials available for quilting

About Quilting: Hello guys! What is quilting means? It is one of the processes of sewing fabric of two or more layers together to make a padded material. This process is done with the three layers that are top fabric or quilt top, batting material or insulating material and backing material. To make two or […]

Want to get the best quilt- Get unique tips from here

Do you know what is quilt? It is the thick cloth material which is made by sewing one or more fabrics with the help of threads and sewing machine. This quilt material has three different layers: the top layer which is commonly called quilt top, the batting layer which is commonly called as insulating material […]