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Introduction to sewing:

In simple word, what is mean by sewing? It is nothing but using stitches attaching objects made with a needle and thread. This is an oldest textile art and the thread is made up by animal body. Nowadays, the art is increased because of development of sewing machine. In some schools, sewing classes are conducted that are really helpful one for students. In schools, the teachers teach about the basic stitches by using needle and thread and also teach about some clothing and craft works. As sewing is one of the skills to expose our talents by making good craft work or other clothing works. I think you all are known about quilting that is nothing but one of the processes of sewing two or more materials together to make a padded material. Every Country is having the different styles of quilts and there are also various quilting types available such as Swedish quilting, art quilting, hand quilting, Machine quilting and so on.

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Best sewing machine:

In past years, the needle and thread only required one for sewing, but nowadays machines are important one for quilting. Some best sewing machine for quilting is,

Brother XR9500 PRW project runway limited edition Sewing machine: Some important features of this machine are having the number of build-in stitches is 100. It has multiple needle positions as the threading type of the machine is automatic. This is ideal sewing machine for embellishing everything like clothing to home décor items and also for design quilts. The machine has the back-lit LCD screen and unique flip-stitch guide and this is a lightweight and portable. It has some additional features of needle position button, hard cover, Easy-to-use Needle threading system and more. The included product accessories are Zigzag foot, zipper foot, overcastting foot, etc.

Janome 11706 ¾ size hello kitty sewing machine: This is suitable for beginning Sewist and this offers a free arm and a carry handle. It has 11 switches and also has some features of snap on pressure feet, easy tension control dial, stitch selection dial, etc.

Janome magnolia 7318 sewing machine: This machine is easy to thread and simple to maintain and the maximum speed of this machine is 830.

Janome 8002D Serger: This is one of the best sewing machines for quilting, because of its space saving features and it has more power than other machines.

Some features of sewing machine:

The features compared to other basic equipment is,

  • They have wider tables
  • They have customization options
  • Easier to thread
  • Strong thread tension

For quilting designing, the wider and the deeper tables are needed one so the sewing machine offers this. The sewing machine offers more options for quilting design in order to inspire your creativity than other standard models. The sewing machines give an opportunity to make stitches and also to add other custom features to create a beautiful look for your quilting. As the sewing machine provides you for a strong thread tension and this feature is helpful for you to make a beautiful design without breaking your thread.

About Quilting:

Hello guys! What is quilting means? It is one of the processes of sewing fabric of two or more layers together to make a padded material. This process is done with the three layers that are top fabric or quilt top, batting material or insulating material and backing material. To make two or more layers of the material, the process of quilting uses a needle and thread. The term Quilter is defined for the person who works at the quilting process and this is done by hand by using sewing machines or by Longarm quilting system.

There are many types of quilting processes available like handmade quilting, Machine quilting, Typing, Longarm quilting and more. The most widely used quilting is hand-quilting and machine quilting. The hand-quilting is one of the processes of made by a person using a needle and yarn. Machine quilting is one of the processes of using stitching machine or Longarm machine and quilting is a huge and varied craft.

General category of quilting is traditional, heirloom, medallion, samplers, memory quilts and so on. Specific techniques available in quilting process are patch work, appliqué, foundation paper-pieced and rag quilt. The basic elements of quilting process are Quilt top, which is the top layer and it can be sewn by machine. Batting is the insulating layer in the middle of quilting process and backing is the bottom layer.

Best material for quilting:

There are different types of fabric are available for quilt and some of the best material for quilting process is,

Quilter’s weight cotton: This is a high quality 100% cotton material as it is perfectly suited for quilting process. Why this is best means because of its shrinkage and this weight cotton is better than other cottons and it is also used for clothing.

Home decor weight cotton: This is heavier cotton as it is most suitable for quilted bags and quilted pillows. It uses light batting, so it is the best material for quilting.

Voile: This is one of the soft, lightweight cottons and it is used for clothing like blouses, dresses, skirts and scarves because of its lightweight characteristics. It makes the quilt as a softer, silky one.

Essex linen: This is 55% of linen and 45% of cotton. This is one of the best choices for quilts and also for sewing home decor.

Quilter’s linen: This is a texture of linen and it is also the best material for quilting process.

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Step to choosing best fabrics: 

For quilting the cotton material is the best one, so the steps to choosing best material for quilting are follows,

  1. Choosing your main fabric: Before choosing any fabric, you can start search about the characteristics about the material that are needed one for you. In this step, you can also plan your quilt colors.
  2. Select a color rule: Color combination is needed for every dress materials, so you can select the perfectly matched color choices. Choosing the color values of light, medium and dark.
  3. Patterns: To remove the stress to choose fabrics, you can put them together and stand back a bit away from that to get the overall effects.

By using these steps, you can get the best material for quilting.

Do you know what is quilt? It is the thick cloth material which is made by sewing one or more fabrics with the help of threads and sewing machine. This quilt material has three different layers: the top layer which is commonly called quilt top, the batting layer which is commonly called as insulating material and backup layer. Sometimes, more types of layers can also be adapted in this quilting process. The person who is very famous in the quilting art is known as quilter.

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The quilter and sewing machine uses different varieties of threads and perform the stitching process throughout the material. It will increase the binding between varieties of clothes and increase the width of the quilt. For this purpose, they can use powerful stitches like rocking, straight and running. Mostly this quilt product is used as the bed spread, clothing, quilt arts and variety of textile materials. For the preparation of the quilts, more number of process to be held before the final product like cutting, sewing, designing, piecing and binding. It can also be used in the functions, hotels and very important places to attract more number of people.

Tips for the best quilting:

Do you want to improve your quilting speed and accuracy? Here are the best tips for you.

  • Pre wound bobbins:

If you want to improve your quilting speed then you have to use more number of pre wound bobbins. They can make the sewing process easy and you can use the same bobbin for few days or months. The best types of bobbins are created by the thread manufacturers.

  • Chain piecing:

Chain piecing not only reduce the time of the work, but it also reduce the requirement of threads. If you want to quilt more number of fabrics, first you have to hold two clothes under presser foot and stitch the entire cloth except the corners. Then you have to add the third cloth and do the same process to get the perfect quilt.

  • Improve the accuracy:

The quilter must have ¼”seam size to improve the accuracy of the clothes. First, you have to fold and stitch the whole cloth. After the overall stitch is completed, you have to measure the accuracy with the help of acrylic ruler.

  • Prepare and stack the fabrics:

In your stitching, you may have some of the extra clothes as a wastage material. This can be used by the quilter and prepare some of the quilting designs and these designs can be used for the future process. It will help you at the time, when you need a small size of quilting cloth.

  • Maintenance of the machine:

You have to maintain your machine then only it will reduce some of the troubles in the sewing. The machine must require permanent maintenance that will improve the accuracy and provide the perfect quilt material. One of the easiest ways to maintain your machine is to clean it in a periodic manner and use oils to avoid the rust forming.


Everyone would like to use the fabrics to attract other people and increase the self confidence. And this preparation process contains more number of difficult processes. So, the quilters have to use the above tips to improve the efficiency of the product.